News Flash Smartsheet Users can now extend its capability

News Flash Smartsheet Users can now extend its capability

Smarter Business Processes are delighted to announce the launch of their eagerly awaited range of Smarter App solutions . 

These AppSheet Mobile App Solutions are game changers  for those Spreadsheet users that like to provide selected mobile access for reports and updates using spreadsheets to not only source but to capture data,  location,  signatures,  scan bar codes,  even work offline.

Implementing AppSheet alongside Smartsheet has allowed us to extend Smartsheet’s capability, providing you with the ability to;

  • Slice and dice your data according to who needs to see or edit it.
  • Create the effect of a relational database which uses conditional logic to modify your work activities
  • Have Dynamic dropdown capability – maintain one dynamic dropdown list, accessed by numerous other sheets
  • Manage time more precisely by hour, minutes and seconds
  • Split Tasks so they can be completed by multiple users
  • Work offline
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What would you like to achieve?  

Bearing in mind this new capability, our solutions open up all sorts of business efficiencies, improved user access and views on any device – so what would you like to achieve? Share your ideas with us.

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