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Smartsheet Engage 2023 -

This month's newsletter offers our best ideas on how to super charge your use of Smartsheet garnered from Engage 2023.


The art of mastering Smartsheet -

Have you mastered Smartsheet yet? Want to learn more to optimise your PMO and Workflow? Learn how to turbo charge your workflows.


Smarter Dashboards -

Learn how you can use Smarter Dashboards to cut through to the data you need in real time reports.


Cyber Essentials Certification -

Learn what this latest accreditation means for security


Check out our latest customer testimonials - 

  • California Gold Development Corps.
  • Roadnight Taylor.


Tips & tricks -

We also share our latest tips and tricks for Smartsheet:

  • URL Query String.
  • Low tech solutions.


Smartsheet Engage 2023

This year's Smartsheet Engage 2023 Conference announced a number of forthcoming innovations like increased speed of loading and much larger sheet capacity, which is very welcome, but we will have to wait until the new year to get the full benefits.


So if you want to supercharge your PMO and Workflows NOW ask us about Smarter Dashboards, the best way to slice and dice data in Smartsheets for data integrity with instant graphs, tables and charts.

Smarter Dashboards Super Charge PMO Workflow
Do you need to slice and dice data with charts, tables and graphs on the go? Do you need data integrity to be sound with performance metrics in real time and specific reports visible to targeted audiences? Ask us about Smarter Dashboards - It is one of the SBP Smarter Apps designed for clients like you.
Our commitment to data security
Cyber essentials for security

In 2022 only 54% of businesses acted to identify cyber security risks. We are proud to be in that 54% and have formalised this by securing our Cyber Essentials Certification 


Every member of SBP has ongoing cyber security awareness training and with cyber security an increasing concern for businesses like ours, SBP are delighted to have achieved the Cyber Essentials Certification.

What Clients Say About Us
California Gold Use Smarter Drop Down Lists

“We are loving the Smarter Dropdown List Manager...that one is a slam dunk and huge help to us. With all the sheets and workspaces, it is great for us to be able to use this to ensure we have consistent dropdown options across sheets. This helps ensure we have consistency and helps with reporting, etc


It is without a doubt a great feature for Smartsheet users. The more I think about it the more I wonder how other serious users of Smartsheet are managing without it”.


Steve Campbell, Jr.  |  COO  |  Officer

California Gold Development Corp 


Roadnight Taylor
Roadnight Taylor
Roadnight Taylor, the leading consultancy specialising in grid connections for GB electricity networks, have moved to a 4-day work week, thanks in part to significant time savings and administrative efficiencies engineered through a CRM and Smartsheet integration project. The automation of operational processes in their ‘opportunity and sales processes’ required streamlining of workflow processes, through an integration between their Microsoft CRM, Smartsheet, and Smarter Launch Pad, a Smarter Business Processes app. With the help of the Consultants from Smarter Business Processes, and by integrating Smartsheet with their CRM MS Dynamics, the team now have a fully streamlined and automated ‘sales opportunity and win’ operational process, thus cutting hours of administration time in the working week while ensuring management visibility of data.
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