ADFAB gets creative with Smartsheet

Adfab is a successful creative design studio who believe tech and creativity can do work together to build better experiences

The Challenge

The main problem was ADFAB  wanted to move sales leads (in a given sheet) into Landed Sales (in a second sheet) based on the status of “Won”.

The Solution

Smarter Workflow Manager 

The Benefits

Smarter Workflow Manager allows for the information to flow from one sheet to another based on the status which indicates that the lead has turned into a sale


Working with SBP has been a great experience. They have been able to understand our business needs and use their strong expertise of Smartsheet to develop a specific and very efficient solution.  They were also very responsive after delivery when 60 people using the solution stressed the need for some adjustments.  Julien Voisin – Directeur General  ADFAB