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At Smarter Business Processes we offer a wide variety of Smartsheet training courses and packages.

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Our team of certified consultants provides training and remote support to clients around the globe, improving their Project Management, Workflow and Process Management.

Smarter Business Processes is Cyber Certified

Emma Stevens

Office Manager

Emma has 27 years of financial and customer experience and brings processes and order to our office.

Emma's customer service knowledge ensures all of our clients office enquiries are dealt with professionally, efficiently and quickly. She will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of a query!

When not at her desk Emma enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter as well running Brownies and Rainbows for Girlguiding UK in her local area.

Etienne Mermillod

Software Development Manager

Etienne is a seasoned ASP.NET Core Full Stack Developer. He takes great pride in building world-class applications while carefully considering the needs of its users and ease of use.

Originally from France, Etienne now calls Canada Home, where he is part of SBP Canada as a member of the API Solutions Development Team.

Etienne is a well-seasoned traveler and has visited many countries where he usually takes the path less traveled in order to backpack around and soak in the local cultures.

When not coding away, you may expect Etienne to be playing with his huge and fluffy dog Indianna or gaming away on League of Legends

David Bower

Smartsheet and AppSheet Consultant

David is an experienced Smartsheet Consultant, Customer Care Specialist and Client Account Manager.

In his spare time, David plays guitar, is learning to ride a motorcycle and, when it’s not too cold, can often be found tinkering in the garage. He also intends to learn to play the piano too - one day

Debbie Sawyer

Chief Smartsheet Solutions Officer (CSSO)

BSc (Hons) Computing, ITIL Foundation, Smartsheet Certified User, Aligned Sales Certified and Professional Services Certified.

Seasoned Smartsheet consultant and Training professional, Debbie’s creativity, attention to detail, willingness to deliver solutions to fully meet customer requirements and her personable manner earn her excellent client feedback.

When not working, Debbie likes to relax by spending quality time with her family. Living in the New Forest sees her taking many walks through the woods and down to the sea fronts at Lepe and Calshot. Debbie is also a keen hula hooper and has been hooping now for more than 7 years! She owns at least 10 hoops and enjoys a great workout helping her friend to run a hula hoop fitness class.

Dr James Harris

Chief Technology Officer

An experienced IT professional, James has worked for software companies as a Programmer and Test Analyst. He also has extensive experience as a Finance Manager. James brings an attention to detail and flair for problem solving to every project.

Outside of work, James writes comedy, and has had many television credits over the past couple of decades on shows such as Horrible Histories and Russell Howard's Good News. He retains a burning ambition to be as funny as his wife and daughter.

Ph.D. Biochemical Physics, IT and Accounting professional.

Gwen Rymill

Communications Director

Co-founder of Smarter Business Processes, Gwen’s multi tasking roles include ensuring our clients receive the very best in customer care, while responsible for sales and marketing and partner liaison. Just don’t expect to get the cup of tea she promised you!

Away from work Gwen enjoys cycling, pilates, tap dancing and just loves baking.

Richard Rymill


Co-Founder and Lead Consultant, Richard set up SBP in response to worldwide demand from businesses wanting to implement their own Smarter Business Processes. His rapidly expanding team of experienced Smartsheet and AppSheet Consultants and Trainers share the company's values of achieving improved efficiencies and collaboration by putting people first and releasing them from unnecessary repetitive activities so they can enjoy their work again and focus on what matters to them.

When not at his desk, Richard can be found cycling, swimming and when the opportunity permits, sailing and flying.

Airtable Service Partner – It’s official!

We are delighted to announce the exciting news that we at Smarter Business Processes have become an accredited Airtable Service Partner.

Smarter Business Processes is an accredited Airtable Service Partner. Our expert consultants can help you to extract maximum value from your adoption of this flexible and sophisticated platform. Read on to learn how you could use Airtable as your next database, workflow management or PMO solution.

airtable service partner

What is Airtable?

Airtable is the Cloud Based relational database we have all been waiting for. It is a collaborative online platform for creating and sharing relational databases.

With Airtable, teams easily design and deploy flexible and engaging apps that power critical workflows and make valuable data actionable across the enterprise.

Unlike SQL and MySQL Databases, AIRTABLE provides a user-friendly interface, making collaboration and visibility easy compared to other available PMO and Workflow systems.

How easy is Airtable to use?

Airtable uses a spreadsheet format to organize data with a colourful easy to use interface. Airtable has the ability to store information in a spreadsheet that’s visually appealing and fundamentally easy-to-use. 

However should you want to delve deeper or need Airtable help, as an accredited Airtable Service Partner we are able to assist to ensure you extract maximum value and optimise your project efficiencies across organisational functions. At Smarter Business Processes as an accredited Airtable Service Partner we offer Airtable Support.

Why is this important to you?

We are a team of Consultants that enjoy creating state of the art solutions which our clients tell us they love. So why not engage us to build your next great workflow solution.

How powerful is the Airtable solution?

Airtable is powerful enough to offer sophisticated database features that businesses can use for customer-relationship management (CRM), task management, project management, and inventory tracking. Applications are endless! We can create tailor made apps for all business functions, helping you to deliver greater project efficiencies.

How does it rate as a collaboration tool?

One of the reasons we wanted to become an accredited Airtable Service Partner is because believe it is a powerful collaboration tool.

Airtable’s powerful collaboration features give the whole business focussed access to real time data via configurable views. We can help you to set up intuitive interfaces for all teams and departments allowing them to collaborate efficiently at all levels. All organisations small or large can benefit from using Airtable.

Is Airtable customisable?

Airtable has easy to use customisable features, that allow you to adapt the tool for various projects, creating Airtable Apps helping to optimise workflows. And if you need Airtable support our Smarter Business Processes consultants can help you achieve your specific goals in setting up your Airtable database.

Airtable also has a large number of ready-made popular templates available to help you manage a wide range of standard business operations.

A solution that appeals to businesses of all sizes.  

At Smarter Business Processes we offer Airtable Consultancy, Design and Build, Self build Support, Training and Integration with other systems to maximise your Airtable workflows.

Airtable Service Partner – Consultants

While Airtable is easy to use for standard functionality and data storage, we can offer specialist accredited consultants with formal Airtable Service Partner status to help you maximise your use and proficient adoption of all the Airtable services and tools. To contact with our Airtable consultants to request a consultation

Airtable Integration

Taking the time to review your business needs before implementing new software is essential, as is bringing the team in on the selection process and most vitally the training. Management may not always have full understanding of the intricacies of the tools required to get the job done.

One of the reasons our customers return time and time again to ask our Airtable consultants for support is for projects enabling Airtable integration with their in-house and legacy systems across different departments.

For example, whether you need to integrate sales and marketing systems creating a joint reporting interface, or a sales and finance integration with cross functional data entry and reporting, our Airtable consultants can help you build a solid integration for optimal use of your ready data.

Airtable Database

While an Airtable database is simple enough to construct, because the company’s philosophy is to democratize software creation by giving everyone the power to create, sometimes your needs for a relational database are a little more complicated.

If this is the case, request a consultation from one of our accredited Airtable consultants.

What We Hear About Database Tools

At Smarter Business Processes, we hear many of the most common complaints about the available database tools. This list comprises a remarkable set of criteria.

Point to note –

Most of these challenges and issues are avoidable by choosing the correct tool for your organisation and your specific project and ensuring you secure the right training for your team.

Challenges Teams Face With Many Software Tools

  • Overly complex. Employees have to spend time navigating various menus to find the features they need. Staff struggling to navigate an unfamiliar system quickly become stressed and demotivated.
  • Not best fit for your business needs. Management need to have a clear understanding of their business’s database goals and needs to ensure they have the right software. Train your team in tools that are relevant to their role, and achieve what is required.  We can assist in this process.
  • Too labour intensive. Involving repetitive manual tasks such as data entry.  
  • No allowance for the learning curve. As with all new tools and processes, new a database software needs time to bed in. Allocating your team training resources is essential, as is a roll out period to iron out any quirks and address issues.

Find the Right Database Tool For Your Team

Database software requirements vary depending on the business, and the size and scope of the project. But in our experience a strong tool will help you understand and manage your data requirements effectively without costing the Earth.

As accredited Airtable Service Partners we are able to help you assess your business needs and build an integrated database to deliver your goals.

In Summary

Reviewing and changing your relational database toolkit can power efficiencies and be cost effective, provided it is done in the right way. Take the time to consider your company datbase, workflow and business needs, and act in consultation with our Airtable consultancy team for the best results. 

If you are reviewing your business processes and still unsure where to start, get in touch. We can offer a free consultation to uncover the tools, software and processes that are right for you.

Next Steps

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