AppSheet with Smartsheet Barcode Reader: Making it work for you

AppSheet and Smartsheet let you capture Barcodes or QR coded data using the camera on your Smartphone. Just point, click and download the data in an instant. It’s that simple. Not only that, but these incredibly versatile tools also have the ability to apply Conditional Logic to Smartsheets. You can use barcodes or QR Codes for all sorts of things. For example:

  • Scan a package in or out and add/reduce stock levels. Update items that need reordering, eg manage your PPE stock and usage stats dashboard. Your system is updated immediately.
  • Identify a manufacturing job to progress it to completion. Discover a job’s history and details in one click.
  • Clock in and out of a desk/room/office/site/machine. Automatically update timesheets or equipment usage or hire.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our clients love this ‘rather nifty’ feature:

Flexibility. Our consultants have been implementing this tool for clients in a range of industries, including construction, surveying, manufacturing and delivery. Just tell us what data you need to record and we’ll do the rest. The work takes days not months, making it affordable and accessible.

Portable. Code scanning is particularly useful for clients whose teams are out on site. They can simply use the camera in their own smartphones to capture data while on the move. No signal? No problem. AppSheet can store the data in your device until you are ready to sync.

Ease of use. Clients tell us making features user friendly is a must when rolling out new tech to their teams. AppSheet’s code scanner reduces pushback by being so simple and easy to use. Your staff will wonder why you never thought of it sooner.

Easy to implement. AppSheet delivers all the ease you would expect from a no code / low code programme. You don’t need to download a scanner app, you can just use your smartphone camera.

Environmentally friendly. By going digital with your data you can make form filling, paper and pencils a thing of the past. Code scanning with Appsheet eliminates all this, one simple click of your camera.

Want to make this work for you?

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