Back in the Office? Save Time and Hassle with Smartsheet Dropdown Manager

More and more of us are heading back to the office to be reunited with colleagues, friends and much missed Ficus plants. Then there’s the things we haven’t missed so much; The long commute, the annoying phone calls, that weird smell in your filing cabinet…

Smartsheet can’t do much about that stuff. But we can save you time and energy on repetitive, laborious tasks such as manually updating the same dropdown lists across multiple sheets. Not only does it take forever but by the time you’re on your 42nd update the phone rings again… and that’s when mistakes happen.

Our uniquely designed app automatically manages all the list values you want it to using one configuration sheet. It can update standard dropdown lists as well as contact lists, so whether you’re using it for email addresses, project names or stock items, the Dropdown Manager is a timesaving solution right across the board. Seamless, effortless, efficient.

Not only does Dropdown Manager save you time, but ensures accuracy. Everything is kept uniform, cutting down on human error and giving you more time to clean out that cabinet.

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