Breakdown & Recovery APP gets Transport firm moving

A move to Smartsheet for a breakdown and recovery client has improved efficiencies, simplified document management and improved collaboration

The Challenge Could we create an easy to use system for Drivers handling vehicle breakdowns to quickly record details of:

  • Client and vehicle records
  • Issue, Resolution, time taken and parts used
  • Maybe, a photocopy of documents, or photo of the scene, or  damage

The Solution We chose a Smartsheet Form that is accessed by iPhone, Android and tablets that asks the above questions. When the driver/repairer has filled out the form on his remote device, then pressed the send button, the data instantly appears on a Smartsheet/Spreadsheet in front of the controller back at HQ. From that Smartsheet/ spreadsheet  the controller can then manage the client account with up to date info and share a “To Do” with accounts for invoicing. The Benefits Instantly available detail, as soon as the breakdown is concluded safely fired back to HQ, saving the driver paperwork time, and minimising the risk of lost or incomplete data.  The controller has instantly available information, saving him time to focus on the clients and the next job, knowing the records are in place.  Job Done! What did the client say afterwards? This app has made the problem of logging breakdowns and outstanding repairs a thing of the past. Great, recommend it to anyone with mobile workers. Cheers,  Brian O’Loughlin – O’Loughlin Commercials Ltd