Customised Alerts. Say it your way.

Smartsheet users are already familiar with email alerts and requests when a sheet is amended. 

While previously these were formatted in pre designed columns, they can now be simplified and customized.  

This new feature lets you to customize what is sent, meaning you can send full bespoke emails as notifications from inside your Smartsheet. 

In the action block, simply select “Customize Message”. You can then type a personalized message and provide more context on the alert or request.

You can also control which fields are displayed to the recipient to ensure they only receive information that you want them to see. To do this for automated Alerts:

  1. Select Customize message.
  2. Under Message includes, select Links to sheet and specific fields then select the desired fields from the dropdown list.
  3. Now only these fields will be included in the alert

Simple, quick and smart. What else did you expect? 

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