Engineering Firm improves planning with Smartsheet

Engineering firm, Drives and Automation, supply drives and control systems for a wide range of industries and applications. Blue chip clients include Tata Steel, Otis Lifts, Youngs, Bluecrest Foods and Outokumpu

A move to Smartsheet has improved communication and productivity and made project management for major installations much easier.

The Challenge

Their specialist engineering team work to detailed project plans as they often have to hit tight shutdown deadlines; integrating clients’ schedules and team collaboration are essentials for success. Choosing the right project management tool was a very high priority to us.”

The Solution

Following an initial consultation, Smarter Business Processes set them up with a Personalised Smartsheet Template which now enables them to update and view data in real-time .

“We are now using Smartsheet for all project planning and, due to its flexibility, have extended its use to our database, stock records, technical library . The possibilities are endless and on top of that it is all automatically backed up!

 We are absolutely delighted with our team’s enthusiasm for using Smartsheet and how it has addressed our requirements.”

Well done to Smartsheet for creating such an excellent product and to Richard and his team for providing the initial demonstration and remote support for getting us up and running in just a few days. Smartsheet has now become an essential tool for collaboration and workflow and the mobile solution is proving invaluable for our remote workers.”

Nigel Vivian – Managing Director – Drives and Automation