Enterprise Asset Tracking

This App has been specially formulated for all companies where an office equipment Chain of Custody assurance is required for corporate assets acquired for the use of the business and its employees, all while keeping employee data secured throughout the asset assignment and maintenance processes.

  • Can be considered a key component of the employee on-boarding process.
  • Supports corporate accountability requirements for valuable corporate equipment like computers and peripherals, telephones, furniture, special orders, company vehicles, software etc.


  • Combination of 2 Smartsheets the Asset table and Maintenance table and an Excel spreadsheet with secure employee data
  • Captures asset attributes like date of acquisition, serial numbers, internal equipment number, Model name, description, assigned to employee, date of assignment, office location of assignment.
  • Equipment asset manager can see employee name, office location and enterprise email address as part of the assignment task.
  • Visual cues: Color codes for Assigned and Unassigned equipment. Makes it very easy for asset manager to quickly see what is available to assign to new employees.
  • Each asset is linked to a history of maintenance work that has been performed and to a history of employees that have been assigned to the equipment.
  • Assigned assets can be viewed on a map with pin icons and colors to denote the type of equipment — for example: Laptop or Desktop; Company Car or Fleet vehicle
  • Chain of Custody: as per the assignments.
  • A second level of custody record via confirmation emails to and from employee can be created from the app as a customization for an additional cost.
  • A third level of custody record via signature can be added as a customization for an additional cost.


  • Asset tracking app
  • New Asset creation
  • Current Asset edits
  • Assignment function
  • Linked to any combination of Excel, SmartSheets, Google Sheets
  • Support to assist client with setting up secured access by Asset managers and HR managers.
  • Support to assist the client with setting up Geo-tagged locations for assigned assets — map views

Prices from $25 per month
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