Even Smarter Accounting. Two way integration between Smartsheet and Xero

We’re very proud to announce the latest enhancement to our Smarter Accounts application.

Our Smarter Accounts clients already enjoy the efficiencies of automatically exporting their data from Xero to Smartsheet, with regular automatic synchronisation.

But thanks to our handy enhancement, you can now integrate the software both ways, from Xero to Smartsheet and back again from Smartsheet to Xero.

This means you can create invoices, quotes, purchase orders, update contacts and more in Xero, based on data from your Smartsheets.

For example, suppose you want to create an invoice in Xero. Simply click a check box on a row in Smartsheet and Smarter Accounts will automagically create that invoice in Xero and send it straight back to Smartsheet as a PDF.

Talk to us today about how Smarter Accounts can help you save time and drive efficiency. We can also make this work with Quickbooks and Cloud versions of Sage.

Watch Smarter Accounts in action in the video below, or contact us today for a demo of two way integration.

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