Excel to Smartsheet solution improves efficiencies for Construction Company

For over 50 years, Red Dot Buildings has made its mark as the nation’s premier provider of high-quality, custom-engineered metal buildings.

The Challenge

Existing workflows were such that certain information originated and was maintained in Excel.  However there was a need to have this same information available in Smartsheet for roll-up purposes.  The challenge:  How to make certain that the information was synchronized between the two systems

The Solution

Smarter Excel Integration solution

The Benefits

This feature allows the individuals working strictly within Excel to “Send to Smartsheet” via the Add in, ON DEMAND.  When this is triggered a mirror image of the sheet is updated within Smartsheet (in the same destination worksheet, preserving the original worksheet ID) and thus preserving all reference formulas, links to reports and dashboards so that statistics get updated seamlessly


Smarter Business Processes provided us with an excellent solution to a difficult problem.  They did it on schedule and provided a great product.  I’m very happy with their work, their team and their product.  Jim Beckham, VP Engineering – Red Dot Building Systems