Foodservice Company works Smarter with Smartsheet

About Penta Foods

A national foodservice company, Penta Foods delivers specialist and general food ingredients from around the world to restaurants, hotels, catering facilities and food manufacturers. Established 25 years ago, family run Penta Foods prides itself on providing exceptional service and commitment to its customers’ requirements.

The Challenge

As a rapidy expanding company, Penta Foods needed to improve their existing Smartsheet implementation that drives their sales pipeline all the way from lead generation to customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Visiting Penta Foods on-site, Smarter Business Processes guided senior management in a detailed analysis of their existing processes, both in and out of Smartsheet. Once the workflow was optimised,  it was implemented into Smartsheet from initial entry via WebForms, e-mail notifications to the responsible persons for action, and views & reports allowing managers high level visibility on each phase of the process. The system was further refined using Zapier for automation and consistency.

The Benefits

With the sales pipeline streamlined and automated,  providing greater visibility, real time data and removing duplication of data entry, staff members now have peace of mind and are able to focus  their attention on the areas of greatest value.  Much of the delays in the pipeline have been removed, allowing Penta Foods to focus on their customers instead of paperwork.


“Craig from Smarter Business Processes came on-site and worked closely with us, ensuring that the workflows and processes were well documented so that we can make further improvements to our systems and work flows as we continue to extend Smartsheet to other departments”

“With help from Smarter Business Processes, we have implemented several other solutions that look to provide us with the increased efficiency and productivity we need to allow us to focus on our customers and their needs.” Azher Rubbani – Director – Penta Foods