Gartner Names Smartsheet a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Program and Portfolio Management 2015

Vendors selected for the “Cool Vendor” report are innovative, impactful and intriguing

We’re pretty excited that Gartner Inc., one of the most prominent technology research companies in the world, decided to name Smartsheet as a “Cool Vendor” for 2015.

How cool is that?

Each year, Gartner selects companies in critical technology areas and publishes a series of reports detailing why these products and services were chosen. Or, essentially, why they’re pretty cool.

Cool Vendors are selected because they are innovative, unique, and have a real market impact. Smartsheet was one of just four Software as a Service (SaaS) companies included in the 2015 Program and Portfolio report.

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So, What Makes Smartsheet So Cool?
  • It helps anyone get more work done.
  • It provides transparency and visibility into projects.
  • It combines the most powerful features of Excel, Dropbox, Microsoft Project, and email.
Boost Productivity and Drive Results With Smartsheet

If you’re using Smartsheet, you know we have a familiar spreadsheet interface and an abundance of intuitive collaboration features to help people, teams, departments, and entire companies coordinate anything.

We’re fortunate to help industry-leading organizations like Cisco, Google, Bayer, Groupon, HomeAway, DHL, and others get work done, easily, and more efficiently. With six million users worldwide, we help companies boost productivity, streamline communication, and drive results.

Now, that’s cool.

Read the Cool Vendor Report by Gartner to learn more.