Is Your Organisation Keeping Pace With Change?

Remember when all we had to think about was Covid-19?

2022 is providing more challenges than we imagined possible a year ago. New variants of Covid, rising energy prices and global events are impacting business, bombarding us with a dizzying rate of change. Struggling to keep your feet on the ground? You’re not alone. A recent Smartsheet survey indicates that only 23 % of businesses are prepared to win in the new world of work.

We’re proud of how our clients are embracing new processes, managing change at scale and at a pace never seen before.

Here’s 5 ways we’ve been helping clients stay ahead.

A Workflow Review

Talk to us. We can analyse your business processes and advise you on areas where you can use technology and automation to make your life easier. Whether you opt for 2 Discovery Days like Lancashire FA, or just take advantage of a free one hour consultation, get in touch. Let us do what we do best.  

Project Management

We can help you identify weaknesses in your Project Management processes, and increase visibility across the board with a streamlined project tracking solution. Find out why Construction Company, SIP Build described us as, “responsive and knowledgeable – so much so we have already been back for another system to add in!!!”


According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if they invested in learning. Expand your team’s knowledge and skills with our Smartsheet training programmes . Increase productivity, build confidence and prepare your organisation for future challenges.

Efficient Data Management and Reporting

We can design and implement an activity log and automated dashboard like we did for EMCOR UK, to help monitor areas of risk for their client. By working closely with the client we helped increase their productivity by up to 25%.

Integrate Smartsheet With Your Existing Software

Don’t throw out your existing software packages. Let us find ways to integrate them with Smartsheet to provide you with greater interoperability and automation. We can integrate Excel, mobile apps and SQL, to name a few. Our Smarter Accounts Package allows you to synchronise any cloud based accounts system straight into Smartsheet.

Does it sound like you could benefit from any of the above? Get in touch today. We can’t slow the pace of change but we can help you get ready for whatever the future may hold for you and your organisation.