IT Service Engineers’ Smartsheet Web Form improves efficiencies

A move to Smartsheet for Fast Forward Technology has improved efficiencies, simplified service management, and improved customer care and collaboration

Fast Forward Technology is a fast growth  IT Solutions and Service company, dedicated to helping businesses keep pace with the ever changing world of Information Technology.

The Challenge

As the number of remote Service Engineers  increased, logging and recording  Site Engineers’ reports was becoming ever time consuming. The lack of a collaborative platform meant it was difficult to maintain client service records as each job was completed, rather than at the end of each day. This led to incomplete or delayed information for both FFT and the Client.  Service Engineers operate out on site or remotely when resolving client needs, so a system that could cope with entry from any device in real- time was required.

The Solutions

Smarter Business Processes designed a customised Smartsheet system using a combination of Web Forms and spreadsheets which their Service Engineers could access remotely while on site for real- time information gathering, compiling and reporting.

The Benefits

The Smartsheet  system has:

  • Provided  real-time status update for the FFT management and client teams
  • Improved visibility and streamlined communication between multiple partners
  • Improved accountability for all concerned
  • Reduced administration time for reporting and billing
  • Provided much improved data analysis to better meet client’s future needs

 “Richard Rymill worked with us to to both understand how we were managing our business and identify areas for immediate process improvement.  Having access to real-time information via the Service Engineers Web Form solution has vastly improved efficiencies.

We highly recommend Smarter Business Processes and their methodology.  We are actively working with them to resolve more IT admin challenges in the coming weeks and look forward to finding more and more uses for Smartsheet”.  Dean Hall, Managing Director Fast Forward Technology