Smarter COVID-19 Test Bookings

Looking for a fast, affordable Covid Testing System? Leave it to us.

In the UK alone, over 15 million people have received their first Covid jab as of February 2021 and we are particularly proud of the part we have played in our system being used to arrange easy management of many thousands of NHS staff Vaccinations in Scotland. 

But what’s next? As lockdown eases, testing will be a vital component to ensuring everyone’s continued safety. That’s where we come in.  

We have adapted our hugely successful Smarter Bookings System to meet this challenge.   

Large Corporations can deploy our Corporate Covid testing system, not just for those who legally have to test key workers once a week, but for those that need to demonstrate their teams are Covid secure for the comfort of their customers.  This will become ever more important as we move out of lockdown and for the rest of the year. 

Like Smarter Bookings for Vaccinations, our Covid Test Booking System is available immediately and ready to deploy in two days. We can adapt it to suit your needs at a range of locations; sporting venues, workplaces, hospitality. We can work with you to ensure your testing system meets your needs. 

Our solution is fast, adaptable and efficient.   

What is included

  • A complete system, tried and tested in the NHS in the UK. 
  • User access via mobile friendly web form. 
  • Email confirmations and reminders of appointments made. 
  • All data stored in Smartsheet.  
  • Five Smartsheet Business Licenses inc Pro Support. 
  • Submitted data “passes through” our fast server into Smartsheet. 
  • Custom set up to your parameters. 
  • Two training sessions for Admin/ Managers and Receptionists
  • Two months tech support and server costs. Longer available… 
  • Three locations as standard, more available at extra cost… 
What do we need from you.   Simply answer the following questions and we can build you a bespoke testing system to meet your needs. 
  • How many locations / people do you need to cover? 
  • How many tests will you want to carry out per hour? 
  • How many testers at each Location? 
  • How long are your appointments? 
  • Tell us what you want on your welcome pages and email messages.  
  • Rules for Alerts and Notifications, Email or Text Messages.  

That’s it. Once we have established the above, you are good to go. 

Not sure what you need? Get in touch for a free consultation with one of our friendly, experienced consultants.