Looking to the Future With Smart Glasses

According a recent article in Forbes Magazine, immersive, digital reality is the future. The team at Facebook / Meta are so convinced of this that they are investing heavily in VR and AR technology, which could one day lead to us all wearing augmented headsets or Google Glasses. In theory, these could even replace the handset in our day to day lives. The possibilities are truly exciting; imagine sitting in a meeting talking virtually to your colleagues as if you are all in the same room. Virtual reality shopping, socialising, even travel and tourism, all of this could one day be possible from the comfort of your own home.

But just how far off is this future? And what does it mean for our clients?

Smartsheet and Oculus have already created a solution that enables users to collaborate in a holistic, VR work environment. The rise in the popularity of QR Codes and games such as Pokemon Go are just two examples of the enormous appeal of interactive tech. Are Smart Glasses simply taking this to the next level?

Our team of software consultants already offers a solution that allows clients to interact with their Smartsheet data while out on site. Thanks to our innovative solutions that combine Smartsheet with AppSheet, our clients are using this for stock taking, scanning packages and time keeping, to name a few. Switching from a hand held device to a pair of Smart Glasses could speed up these processes, and create a safer, smoother, hands free experience. This would be particularly useful to clients operating in environments without safe, easy access to a screen, such as in construction.

What about you? Would you trade your handset for a pair of Smart Glasses?  

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