Picture Your Work with Smartsheet

These are just three of the ways Smartsheet helps you picture your work. Learn about all the visualization features in this video:

Picture your work in more ways. Visualize who is doing what from every perspective, at the task, project, team and enterprise levels, and get the right message to the right person.

From displaying your sheet as a Gantt chart to revealing patterns of collaboration with the Account Map tool, Smartsheet helps businesses visually explore the resources, processes, and content in every project.

Choose from an array of symbols that visually describe where an item is headed with trend arrows, order priorities with flags, stars, or exclamation marks, and rate items for things like difficulty, cost, strength, or pain.

View your sheet as a calendar or gantt chart and when it’s time to present your chart, use Office Timeline to create beautiful visual representations of your project plan.

Create charts and maps with your Smartsheet data using apps from the Smartsheet App Gallery.

Smartsheet also makes it easy to work with data in popular analytics tools like Excel and Tableau.

Visualizing our work, with symbols, project plans, and dashboards, can quickly convey a complicated idea and make that idea stick. It streamlines communication, and gets the right message to the right audience.

How will you visualize your work?

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