MySQL or SQL with Smartsheet and Appsheet

SQL: Why We Love It

We at SBP understand why SQL is so popular with our clients. It’s powerful, versatile and reliable.  Whether you’re using MySQL, SQL Server or whatever the flavour, navigating your ever-expanding data is essential to keep your business flowing smoothly. 

Unfortunately this can be easier said than done. We’re hearing time and again from our clients of the frustration of transforming the information on SQL databases into usable dashboards and workflows. For example you may have invested in an expensive ERP system with a SQL back end but that vital data is simply not as accessible as you need it to be. 

That’s where we come in. 

Whether you’re working in Smartsheet or Appsheet, we at SBP love coming up with automated solutions that link to SQL. We can combine the data integrity of one with the accessibility of the other.  

For example, using an API connection, Smartsheet can connect directly to SQL, enabling it to read data, display it, even write new data back to SQL, ensuring both datasets stay in perfect sync.  

Out on site? Not a problem. Working underground? No worries. Need your users to only see data they have permission for? Leave it to us. We have the experience and the expertise to link Appsheet to SQL in a way that is tailored to you. 

Maybe you need the dashboards, graphs and spreadsheets that Smartsheet delivers, or the maps, mobile interaction and data-on-the-go that Appsheet provides? However you want to display your SQL data, we can ensure it is live, synched and working hard for you. 

You’d be forgiven for expecting our solutions to be costly and time consuming to set up. But our consultants can build you what you need in days not months, more cheaply than you might expect. What you do with it is up to you. 

Talk to us. Take advantage of a free consultation today and let us help you move forward!  

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Talk to us. Take advantage of a free consultation today and let us help you move forward!  

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