New Product Capabilities Announced at Smartsheet ENGAGE’18

The keynote at the Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference revealed some very exciting product announcements, including the new capabilities below:

3 Key Product Updates

Assign Multiple Contacts to a Column

This much requested and eagerly awaited feature allows users to assign multiple people to a single task.  Many organisations have jobs that don’t need to be assigned to a specific individual but just need to get done.

Sheet owners or admins can now change the contact column properties to enable this new feature, so they can decide whether to enable the ability to assign multiple people to a task, or continue to require the clear ownership of a single contact.  LEARN MORE

Add External Web Content to Dashboards and Portals

We are very excited about this new feature, which takes your dashboards to the next level.  With the web content widget you can embed, view and interact with content from some of the most popular online applications like Google, Microsoft, Tableau, YouTube and Vimeo, directly in Smartsheet.

Smartsheet content and external content can be surfaced in a central location, empowering your team with the information you need to move work forward.

Include @mentions in Comments

We love this feature too.  Many organisations use the comments section for recording a historical record on progress. With the launch of the first wave of @mentions in row- or sheet-level comments,  now when you @mention anyone who is shared to the sheet in row- or sheet-level comments, the mentioned user will be notified.  LEARN MORE


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