New in Smartsheet: Enhanced Workspace Sharing

Have you discovered the power of Smartsheet’s sharing capabilities? 

We want you to be able to share your work with who needs it, in whatever capacity you deem appropriate. Share a little, or share a lot. Share single cells or full rows from your sheet, the entire sheet itself, or the greater digital workspace. Even better — share with external collaborators who don’t use Smartsheet. Recently, we challenged ourselves to improve that sharing even more, and we’re excited to bring you greater control over workspace permission administration.

Enhanced sharing puts you in command

Until now, sharing an entire workspace was possible, but doing so granted access to every single sheet in the workspace. In our newest product upgrade, you now have the ability to share only as much of the workspace as you need, either internally or externally. This allows for more discretionary sharing — a solution to one of our top user requests.

Now you can be selective and purposeful in what data is sent, saving you immeasurable trouble or embarrassment by keeping information out of the hands of those who don’t need it. Differential sharing also simplifies sending data to clients, consultants, and contractors. Select the exact sheets within a workspace you’d like to send to internal or external individuals. You decide how much of your workspace collaborators see.

How improved workspace sharing works

Workspace members who are granted sharing permission will see two buttons on the Sharing form for a sheet or report in their workspace:

  1. Share Sheet shares the sheet individually.
  2. Share Workspace shares the workspace.
  3. When sharing a workspace, choose only those sheets that you desire recipients to see.
  4. In the sharing list for a sheet in a workspace, icons show who has access to the entire workspace versus who is shared only to the sheet.


It’s as simple as that! The change may seem small, but can mean a world of difference when choosing what information others receive. What’s more, the new sharing feature also interacts with our exciting new Smartsheet offering: Smartsheet Sights. Sights provides unprecedented visibility into your work — including a high-level view of team, project, or department performance with real-time information and metrics. And now the insights provided can be shared with all of the decision makers in your organization so they can make the most informed choices.

If you’re not already a Smartsheet customer, arrange a free 30-day trial, free consultation or demonstration and see how work collaboration and real-time updates streamline processes.