New in Smartsheet: Make Smarter Decisions With Sights

Smartsheet Sights™ – a Smarter Way to Visualise your Work

This new feature lets you create a customized window into your work, so you have all the information you need to maximize visibility and drive smarter decisions.

Sights is available on the Business Plan and Enterprise Plan

Smartsheet Sights, a simple way to get quick, visual status updates of any combination of your team’s work and projects.  See live summary reports of goals, get reminders of important deadlines and follow links to key documents – all in one customizable view. 

Explore the Smartsheet Sight Gallery

With Sights you can create more than just a snapshot update of the work being done daily; you get deep insights at a glance. Smartsheet Sights empowers you to make smarter decisions faster to improve your business’s performance. All of this is achieved with an intuitive and self-configurable interface that puts you in control of your work.

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Sights 1

An example of a Sight as an IT project program tracking expenses, head count, resources, and status reports.


Sights 2

An example Sight showing team resources and tasks, live status, and key metrics.

Self-service customization in an intuitive interface

Our continual goal is to keep Smartsheet a self-service, intuitive platform that requires no training. No code hacking, no waiting for a homegrown solution — our Sights interface provides customizable widgets, a simple drag-and-drop interface, and stylistic options that go right down to your font size. Managers can drill into specific data elements to easily find out more information without interrupting their team’s work.

Sights 3

An example of a Sight tracking key milestones of 750 site installation projects.

All of this provides a way to organize and draw attention to whatever information and data you believe is most important. What’s more, this launch is paired with another new feature to share your team’s workspace or Sights for one more way to increase collaboration. With the freedom to change how you see and share work, you’ll enhance your organization’s speed and performance by empowering leadership and your team to make better decisions.