Our Favourite Four Technology Pillars for Business Efficiency and Success

Our four technology pillars provide essential support for your organisation’s workflow management.

By working together intuitively, these Apps deliver the full package of benefits to your teams, improving efficiency, collaboration and visibility on ANY Platform, ANY Device & ANY Browser

Smartsheet – a Work Management Solution, ideal for users of Excel who need to collaborate more efficiently

Smartsheet is an incredibly flexible work management tool that not only provides great solutions for users of Excel but is also capable of driving large complex project plans for project planners

Detailed project planners will be delighted to hear of the new upgrades, namely duration in hours and minutes, as well as critical path. These new features will bring Smartsheet to the next level in terms of project management and team collaboration, giving project managers and owners more control to coordinate even bigger, more complex projects quickly and efficiently.

For Smartsheet users wishing to fully benefit from these new features, see details of our Smartsheet training courses and online support sessions

Top Tip: Smartsheet is great for driving your workflows forward and provides instant access and integration with the supportive Apps, ProofHQ, DocuSign and OverDRIVE and Data stores… Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and Evernote.

OverDRIVE for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

OverDRIVE is a cost effective, intuitive, visual and smart way to provide users and teams with simple and powerful intranet web access to corporate data and information.

Many businesses report that access to their corporate digital assets is difficult, documents hard to find.  At last there is a solution, not just for Google users but Microsoft users too.

Like our other technology pillars, OverDRIVE works with any platform and any device.

OverDRIVE provides the ability to easily create project workspaces to manage the documents, digital assets, contacts etc., relating to any number of projects at any time.

Top Tip: Smartsheet can merge data into Google docs e.g. quotes, invoices,HR contracts etc.,  all visible via OverDRIVE. Proof reviews in ProofHQ can be accessed from OverDRIVE

ProofHQ for Proof Review and Approval

ProofHQ is an online proofing solution for Marketing & Admin teams of any size in any industry who need to deliver marketing projects faster and more efficiently.

Deciding to use ProofHQ isn’t difficult. It measurably speeds up project delivery and significantly reduces management time, revisions, errors and costs. Because, unlike email and hardcopy proofing, ProofHQ enables review teams to collaborate simultaneously on creative content.

ProofHQ simply streamlines approval workflow – and can be used across all media including print, digital and audio-visual.

Top Tip: Smartsheet can drive the workflow and track progress of multiple Proof reviews with live links to ongoing or concluded proofs, then on to the creatives or printers for output.

DocuSignThe Global Standard for electronic signature and Digital Transaction Management

DocuSign helps businesses of all sizes easily and securely sign, send, and manage documents in the cloud, with unmatched availability and legal enforceability, eliminating the hassle, costs and lack of security in printing, faxing, scanning & postage.

Eliminate Paper Clutter:  It’s time consuming and costly to print, mail, fax, and overnight documents and these processes are prone to error. With DocuSign, you can sign and send with the virtualdataroomclick of a button and gain instant visibility into the status of your documents. You reduce the clutter for you AND your recipients, whilst also lowering the environmental impact of doing business.

The Smartsheet DocuSign integration offers our clients further workflow efficiency benefits, e.g. send one person listed in a Smartsheet an envelope for signing which includes tenancy contracts or contracts of employment at the click of a mouse.

Choosing one or a range of our complementary work management solutions will provide you with vastly improved efficiencies, collaboration and visibility.

Integrating Smartsheet with your other Applications has been dramatically improved and now API 2.0  offers a whole range of opportunities to link applications together to remove even more steps from your traditional processes by automating your workflows and updating data in several places with just one entry.

Talk to us about Managing the Changes within your organisation and about application integration set-up and  onsite and remote training and consultancy.  We’d love to hear from you.

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