PGM Reball digitises ballscrew repair process with AppSheet

PGM Reball are the UK’s leading technical experts in ballscrew design and manufacture and provide a unique range of ballscrews, actuators and linear motion technology and services.

The Challenge

Migrating the complex manual ballscrew repair process to a digital system required a solution that was easy to use and yet able to accommodate the hundreds of items of information that may be required for any one repair.  Of particular importance was the storage of the many photos taken throughout the repair process.

The Solution

The conditional logic possible within AppSheet allowed SBP’s technical consultants to migrate PGM Reball’s finely-honed repair workflow into a portable digital solution that allowed the team to easily store and retrieve every piece of information they needed for each repair. 

The Benefits

By uploading photos directly into the app, integrating AppSheet with the team’s backend spreadsheet, and with the use of automated AppSheet workflows, SBP have significanctly  increased the efficiency of PGM Reball’s ballscrew repair process.


PGM Reball had identified AppSheet as a perfect solution to digitise our ballscrew repair process.  We were familiar with managing the process using MS Excel which meant that AppSheet provided the perfect platform combining the familiarisation of Excel with the simple user interface of AppSheet. 

Although we had a basic understanding of creating Apps using AppSheet in-house, we needed the experience and expertise of Smarter Business Processes to help us transform the complexity of our ballscrew repair process into a user friendly App. 

SBP’s approach was very systematic and inclusive and they provided advice and support over and above the project brief. The result was a successful project with potential to extend to our ballscrew manufacturing.  I highly recommend  Smarter Business Processes for their professionalism and AppSheet expertise.   Ann Ford – Director Sales & Marketing – PGM Reball