Policy Consultancy improves Global planning with Smartsheet

Smarter Business Processes recently engaged with Hyderus, a specialised consultancy in communications and policy which works on some of the most exciting and important issues of the 21st century, to provide Smartsheet consultation and familiarisation.

The Challenge

With an increased amount of projects running simultaneously, Hyderus required a project management system that was not only a great global collaborative platform that shared live data but a system that could control the projects profit and loss against all line items. They required a smarter business process to implement a separate cost control area on the Smartsheet that was only accessible to the project manager and admin team.

The Solution

Following an in depth information gathering and discovery session,  Smarter Business Processes worked closely with Darren Jones to produce a customized Smartsheet system for real time information gathering, compiling and reporting.

This resulted in an excellent addition to their Smartsheet that helped productivity and increased robustness of the project whilst allowing them to pull off financial data that could be presented in management meetings.

The Benefits

 Having such a complete project management system allows the business owners and management team to have complete confidence that, not only are the projects being delivered on time in scope and on budget but can also track the financial results, expenditure and output as a total or individual items throughout a project allowing them to provide better evaluations during and on completion of a project.


 “Being that Smarter Business Processes was highly recommended to us by Smartsheet, I was confident that they would provide a service that would satisfy my requirements, They didn’t, they far exceeded my expectations and I can honestly say that given the short notice and urgent technical and specific requirements that I had, Richard and his team worked around their already busy schedule and outside of the standard working hours to get, what was not a straightforward job completed within scope, budget and offering further enhancements that I would not have thought to implement.

The excellent work completed will provide me with an end to end Project management system that has complete flexibility but yet rigid enough to control timelines, costs and the overall profit within a project.  I had in mind what I wanted from Smarter Business Processes when I originally spoke to Richard.  After some very interesting and head scratching conversations we came up with ideas that would meet all the needs of the project, it was not a simple task in order to make the functions work within Smartsheet but the team managed to find great workarounds and methods in order for it to work seamlessly.

All credit to a such professional, friendly and very knowledgeable business that was a pleasure to work with. We will certainly be working more with Smarter Business Processes in the future.”

Darren Jones – Hyderus  www.hyderus.com