QR Code Technology Helps SMG Take Stock of the Situation

SBP creates an inventory management system for SMG construction using AppSheet and QR Code technology.

SMG Construction supply high quality, custom built homes and renovations to luxury residencies in the Bahamas.

The Challenge

SMG store a wide range of construction and manufacturing items and materials on site, both for general use and allocation to client projects. With stock frequently coming in and out, stock levels need to be tracked and monitored in real time by employees.

SMG needed to manage their inventory list with a system that could book products in and out, and provide management with a concise, accurate view of stock levels.

In particular, they needed a way to track how many items were in general stock and how many were assigned to each project.

Our Solution

SBP used AppSheet’s QR Code function to set up an Inventory Management app.

Our unique customised solution monitors the client’s stock to suit their exact requirements. Employees can now allocate items into a customer stock area to give a clear sense of what belongs to who.

By simply scanning the QR code, an employee can keep track of existing stock levels and allocate stock to client jobs.

As our system is built in AppSheet, it can also link to Smartsheet to provide data storage. AppSheet records the movement of stock in and out at the front end, while Smartsheet stores that information at the back end.

This means it can update stock once it’s been booked out, and automatically send that data to a report, giving senior management a real time overview of the stock situation any time they need it.

The client has also taken advantage of Smartsheet’s own reporting tools, using the data for their own Reports and Dashboards.


Through your help we were able to expand our use cases across various departments which has had a positive impact right across the business. We are now currently building a time clocking system with this highly versatile system.   

Brendan Ginns – Operations and Systems Manager – SMG Construction