Seven Ways SBP can help Smartsheet Control Center Work for You

Smarter Business Processes are  passionate about meeting clients’ needs with tailored training and solutions. Here are seven ways we can help Smartsheet Control Center work even better for you:

1.       Expertise. Our consultants are now fully certified in implementing Control Center for Smartsheet. We’re ready to make our skills and expertise work for you.

2.       Project design. The vast majority of the work involved in setting up a Control Center implementation is in designing your project workflows. We use tried and tested modelling techniques to help you align your Control Center solution to what you need. We can work with you to identify how your projects will work, and put the necessary implementation in place.

3.       3rd Party App integration. Many Control Center implementations take their data from 3rd party solutions. At SBP we are experts in integrating Smartsheet with 3rd party apps. Put simply, this is what we do. Whether you’re bringing in data from Salesforce, an ERP system or wherever, we can help make that process seamless and pain free.

4.   Dashboard design. We all know how we want our dashboards to look; clear, stylish and easy to navigate. We can create dashboards with the right level of data for the intended audience and tailored to what each user needs to see.  

5.   Smartsheet expertise. After nine years of working with this ground-breaking app, it should come as no surprise that this is what we do well. From creating grid sheets and project sheets, to hierarchy and automation, from forms and reports to applying complex formulae, we’re on it. We understand the workings of the Control Center blueprint and we can implement them for you.

6.   Tracking implementation. Access to your project’s progress status is essential. We can put features in place that keep you right up to date with your project’s progress every step of the way. Health status, associated risks, cost, budget and overall progress, we can ensure Control Center tracks all this, leaving you time to focus on what you need to do.

7.   Training delivery. Let us ensure that your staff and collaborators understand Control Center as well as we do. Our expertly trained consultants can lead them through the features we love, with training packages tailored for you. Managing the backend Smartsheet solution, blueprint management, creating a new project, navigating the workspace and task allocation, we can cover all these and more. Let us inspire your team with our range of tailored training packages delivered to them, online on onsite, whenever you need.    

Whether you are an existing Control Center user looking to further improve your results, or are looking to implement it soon, get in touch. Talk to us about how we can make this effective, repeatable project solution work for you, leaving you time to focus on your business.

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