Smartsheet Project Tracking Solution helps streamline SIP Build

SIP Build UK are the leading provider of Kingspan TEK SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel Solutions) within the UK.  SIPs are a high performance building system for residential and commercial construction.

The Challenge

The team at SIP Build UK have been using a purpose built tool for their pre sale process, which is effective and efficient for their needs. However, they were experiencing problems once the orders came through to the Design and Manufacturing departments. 

The orders were being tracked and maintained in silos with multiple MS Excel sheets, which were being manually updated across the departments. The need to duplicate data was time consuming, and date changes in one department weren’t showing the cascading effect they have across other areas of the business. Ultimately there was a lack of visibility across the organisation on the status of all the jobs.  

SBP were asked to provide a project tracking solution where;

  1. Visibility of all projects was possible across the relevant teams.
  2. The impact of date changes showed immediately.
  3. Dates were planned from the Estimated Project Date but then superseded by the actual dates of tasks.

The Solution

SBP created a project tracking solution with an intake sheet and multiple job sheets. The way the jobs needed to plan and report dates meant that inbuilt dependencies were unable to be used, therefore with extensive formulae the cascading required for date data flow was created.  Separate manufacturing sheets monitoring build elements were linked through to the job sheets too.  This was delivered with a detailed portfolio dashboard, tailored specifically for their requirements.  

SBP also streamlined the intake → job sheet creation process using an API program.


Smartsheet has revolutionised our operational processes.  We have up to date information and notifications that tell the relevant team when action is required.  The information is at your finger tips and the time taken waiting for individuals to respond has reduced dramatically.  The development work was both responsive and knowledgeable – so much so we have already been back for another system to add in!!! Thank you SBP for helping us achieve vision and transparency.

Chris Duckworth – Managing Director  SIP Build UK