SmarterControls4Sheets turbocharges Smartsheet for lighting retrofit company

kW Efficiency specializes in lighting retrofits for commercial and industrial facilities

The Challenge

  • kW Efficiency needed to be able to pull drop down data from their Project Tracker, Sample Tracker, Change Order Tracker, and Warranty Tracker “Active Projects” column to create a comprehensive drop down list of all of our “Active Projects”
  • They needed to Archive Rows by moving a row of data from the “Main Active Sheet” to a new row in the “Archive Sheet”
  • They also needed to be able to use index and match to source contacts from the source data sheet, example: Project Tracker, Customer contacts. Contacts are a unique value that carry with them the ability to sort reports by current user.  The problem was that you cannot write a formula in a Contact column cell.

The Solution

A selection of Apps from SmarterControls4Smartsheet, namely;

The Benefits

  • Automated Merging of multiple sources into single-list [master] into multiple, synchronized drop down lists
  • Automated movement of records to an archive sheet based on the trigger value in a specified column
  • By using the formula adder, we are be able to use a helper column next to the destination column in the destination sheet to write the formula and then have the contact appear in the contact column next to it.


We had a fantastic experience collaborating with Smarter Business Processes and their Smarter Applications, we are now able to work much more efficiently and with more reliable data.

We had a vision of using 1 primary software platform to run the processes of the company through.  Smartsheet offered the foundation to build the platform in almost every way but there were some additional high level programing features that we required in order to bring it all together.

Jacques Guitard took the time to listen to our needs to fully understand what needed done.  The pricing was fair and the development time was quick from concept to beta, to revisions, to final product.  Jacques and Etienne  were quick to respond to ideas, questions, and troubleshooting.

I couldn’t be happier with the results and with the interactions from beginning to present.  Matt Jones – Operations Manager – KW Efficiency