Smarter Bookings

Being used in Covid-19 vaccination clinics right now!

“We need a booking system for a vaccination clinic.  The system needs to be able to offer real-time appointment availability and manage two bookings at a time, the second date being a set number of days after the first appointment.  This system needs to be able to cope with thousands of bookings a day.  Can you do this?”  Yes, we can!

Smarter Bookings

Smarter Business Processes have written and released Smarter Bookings to meet the scenario above.  It is already being used in Covid-19 vaccination clinics successfully.  If you need a booking system in a hurry then this is your answer.  Smarter Bookings is shelf ready and can be deployed to your environment within as little as 2 days of receiving the order, depending on how many adjustments you require.

How does Smarter Bookings help Senior Management?

  • Appointment booking avoids crowded waiting rooms and maintains social distancing
  • Real-Time Dashboard monitoring KPIs and progress
  • Links to admin areas to adjust availability as supplies secured
  • Add more locations, vaccination lanes and open times based on availability
  • Monitor to identify issues and fix them fast
  • System customised quickly to suit the needs of the organisation
  • Web based booking form interrogates available appointments in real-time
  • Online staff training in bite sized sessions 
  • Rapid, cost effective system using Smartsheet as the live data store, working in real-time
  • Totally avoids the chaos of paper based systems

How does Smarter Bookings help the Patients?

  • Easy to use booking process
  • Booking form works on Phones, Tablets or Laptops 
  • Patient is able to select the best location for them 
  • Dates & times are only shown for remaining appointments (avoiding double booking)
  • Get email confirmation and reminders 
  • Care leaders can register their patients and manage bookings eg Care Homes

How can Smarter Bookings help the Vaccinators and Clinic Administrators?

  • Pre-set your number of vaccination lanes and open times
  • Confirmation emails and reminders are sent out automatically
  • Facility for handling cancellations or amendments to 2nd bookings  
  • Up to date list of who is attending which clinic
  • Check-in process to track patient’s attendance 
  • Register can be used to issue Certificates by email. 

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