Smarter Column Manager

Smarter Column Manager


Smarter Column Manager is: Seamless. Effortless. Efficient.

Create, update, delete, and administer columns across all of your sheets



We present a COMPLETE collection of powerful time-saving, column management Apps…


  • Administer columns across ALL your sheets within a wizard
  • Instantly add new columns to any of your sheets
  • Set their type, lock status and visibility

For any columns in any sheet, quickly find and select them to:

  • Update the names
  • Change the column types
  • Lock, unlock, hide, or show the columns
  • Delete selected columns: view columns by column name, sheet name, or location within the workspace and select them for deletion

Easily roll out changes to templates across already deployed sheets in just a few clicks

Reduce inconsistencies and time spent in implementing and updating columns

Make multi-sheet reports easier to create and analyse Maintain corporate structure