Smarter Dashboards is Live!

The team at Smarter Business Processes are very excited to launch Smarter Dashboards, our latest innovation for Smartsheet. Smarter Dashboards lets you dynamically filter your data across charts and tables, and edit content from within a dashboard.

How exactly does it work?

Smarter Dashboards reads data from a Smartsheet and presents it in graphs, charts and tables, allowing you to filter the data in any way you like, and edit your content directly within the dashboard.

It uses the API to communicate with Smartsheet but the code is written in PHP, sitting on one of our AWS instances. This means we can customise a range of options as part of the set up cost. We can also offer customisable logos, colours and layout types, filtered from an admin sheet. We’ve also expanded on the range of graphs, allowing you to create multi axis line charts, scatter charts, bubble charts, polar area and a range of others.

Why did we create it?

Smarter Dashboards was a response to a multitude of clients who wanted to drill down into their data directly within a dashboard. Lots of customers were looking for way to edit an existing row in Smartsheet from a dashboard and this does that too.

We first saw an early version of this in the June Tips and Tricks webinar, Time to Talk Dashboards. How much has it changed since then?

Since the webinar we’ve added the option to edit data directly within the dashboard. There is also now a search box so you can filter data on text. Another new feature is that you can drill down into your data simply by clicking on the segment of a chart or graph and it will show just the data that makes up that element. Really useful for honing in on subsets of data!

Watch Smarter Dashboards Developer and CTO James Harris demo Smarter Dashboards below, or for more information contact us to arrange a free consultation today.