Smarter Dropdown List Manager: Why We Love It

Whether you use Smartsheet for Sales, Project Management or Marketing, SDLM can work for you. When we’re developing our Smarter Apps we pay close attention to what the Smartsheet Community needs, and our Smarter Dropdown List Manager is no exception. Here’s 5 reason why SDLM remains our most popular product year after year…  

1. Time Saving. SDLM allows you to send a single list of options to multiple drop down lists and multiple sheets from one central point. You can specify individual sheets, or all of them, saving you time and energy.  

2.  Automation. Whether you are managing one project or one hundred, SDLM gives you full control of your dropdown lists from one central point. Update the assigned to column on one sheet, and it will automatically update as many sheets as you need, without having to go into each sheet and manually make the changes. 

3. Manual Refresh. Normally the SDLM will update every ten minutes or so. But you can refresh manually any time you need by clicking on the manual refresh button on your Smarter Controls for Smartsheet console. 

4. Flexibility and Control. Use the Control Sheet to specify the source sheet and tell the system which column to use as the source data. Your destination sheet can represent an entire folder or workspace, giving you even greater control over your sheets.

5. SDLM is just the beginning. Our consultants can design and implement a range of enhancements to Smartsheet for less than you might think. Our support packages are tailored to your needs and support can be used in a range of ways to suit you.

Watch our latest demo video from Smartsheet consultant David Bower below, or for more information contact us to arrange a free consultation today.