Smarter Dropdown List Manager

By very popular demand from our clients and the Smartsheet Users Community

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Smarter Dropdown List Manager.

A solution for updating data values held in a master dropdown list which then automagically updates matching dropdown lists in other nominated Smartsheets

What are the pain points for Smartsheet users?

Manually updating the same dropdown list over multiple sheets, on a regular basis can be time consuming and open to human error, therefore not a reliable method of managing data

How does Smarter Dropdown List Manager relieve the pain?

Just one sheet that automagically updates all sheets that reference that list.

Why are Dropdown Lists so useful?

  • Values selected from a list of choices is considered to be structured data
  • Structured data ensures corporate consistency of data entry
  • Corporate consistency allows accurate data analysis which can make whole enterprise dashboards more meaningful
  • Dropdown list values can be used to trigger next actions in a workflow process, thus automating some manual work and improving efficiency
  • Dropdown Lists used in a Smart Form are ideal for capturing new data and ensuring consistent terminology from the end user environment. Dropdown lists within forms can also appear as Radio Buttons, for ease of selection

What is included in the Basic Package?


    1. One Master Smartsheet Workspace with the capacity to:
      • Define up to 10 Dropdown Lists
      • Nominate up to 15 sheets that will reference each Dropdown List
      • Dropdown List sheets do not count towards your sheets allocation
    2. An Audit of your nominated sheets with recommendations on naming & consistency
    3. Implementation of Smarter Dropdown List Manager by our expert consultants
    4. Admin Training for taking control of Smarter Dropdown List Manager

NB Payments can be made by Direct Debit or Credit Cards. No Minimum period needed for this package. The feature will cease to work as soon as payment is stopped/missed. A maintenance / license fee ensures the system is maintained with Same day Support (or asap on Bank Holidays)

Are You ready for Smarter Dropdown List Manager?

Questions to ask yourself and colleagues in preparation for Smarter Dropdown List Manager:

  1. Do you use the same dropdown list columns across multiple sheets and do you need to update your dropdown list values in near real time for global dissemination?
  2. How many repeatable dropdown lists do you have & how often do you need to update your values?
  3. Do you have a corporate standard for dropdown list names and content? Or is this departmental?
  4. Would your dropdown list modifications be controlled by one administrator?  Or would you prefer an administrator for each department or country?
  5. Are you adding new sheets regularly? If so who will have the job to link-reference new sheets?

Do you…?

  • Need to discuss further API driven functionality with us not listed here?
  • Need to explore Smartsheet Workflows or linking your data across Apps automagically? (Available by integrating Appsheet with Smartsheet).
  • SBP offer bespoke consultancy – let’s arrange a meeting to discuss

I have tested this solution. It is easily set up with guidance from the SBP team. It works well and reliably does the job. I can see how this solution will be warmly welcomed by Smartsheet users at a cost which can easily be justified for many Smartsheet users. Tim Meeks

How to order Smarter Dropdown List Manager?

To find out more about this package or if this basic package is too small for your requirements:

  • Use this link to fill in an enquiry form:


NB Due to high demand for this package, you need to keep to your setup consultant appointment as booked.  Appointments will be allocated on first come, first served basis and clients that miss appointments will be dropped to the bottom of the waiting list!