Smarter Dropdown Lists and Smarter Backups give Niles Industrial Coatings total peace of mind

I should have done this years ago !!!

The implementation process was fantastic.  Smarter Business Processes really covered off on everything I needed and gave me some good pointers on how to get extra value.

I have worked with Smartsheet extensively with the DropDowns contained within the sheet itself.  Never again.  SBP’s Smarter Dropdown solution is so powerful for ensuring consistency of data, processes and reporting across Smartsheets, Projects, People, Divisions that it will simply become part of my Smartsheet license fee forever.

One of my main stoppers for company wide integration has been back ups.  Keeping the data is fine however losing formulae, conditional formats, automations and workflow would be heart breaking.  Not to mention costly and unnecessary downtime with rebuilding.  

Automating the back up  process with Smarter Backups gives me total peace of mind.  Worse case scenario, 2 minutes to fully restore total functionality vs days and costly downtime.

Worth every cent.  Just do it.

James Hall – Niles Industrial Coatings