Smarter Forms

Smarter Forms allow you to edit existing Smartsheet data in real time using a dynamic form.

If you need to edit existing rows with conditional logic, or if you would like to present Forms to your collaborators in a familiar, user-friendly way, Smarter Forms is made for you!

Smartsheet’s own Forms can help you submit complex data, but only for new records, so editing existing records with complex conditions isn’t easy, often leading to errors and inconsistencies.

Smarter Business Processes have developed the Smarter Form, a platform where you can edit existing data using bespoke forms with advanced features, such as cascading drop-down lists and conditional logic.

What can our Smarter Form do for you?

·         Text, Date, URL, Contact List and Text Area input types

·         Cascading Dropdown lists

·         Dynamically expose custom list options (As a sub selection of existing options)

·         Conditionally Enable/Disable controls based on other controls’ values

·         Conditional Value selection based on other controls’ values

·         Custom Headers, Footers, labels and so on!

How does it Work?

Smarter Forms is a fully configurable app that runs on our servers connected to your Smartsheet Assets, so you won’t need any installation, set-up, or configuration within your existing IT environment.

The configuration settings of the Smarter Forms resides in your own Smartsheet, so if you would like to replicate an existing form for another sheet, you just have to copy and paste a few lines and that’s it.

Why do I need this feature?

Smartsheet is a great collaborative tool where many people can contribute to shared data. Most users  only need to use a Dashboard, Report, or Sheet to access and edit that data. However, data can become more complex, requiring sophisticated relationships between data points, such as Categories and Subcategories, or Statuses and Actions that depend on the statuses. In these cases, Forms can be really useful to assist the user in selecting appropriate options, as they can include lists of values that can be filtered dynamically based on previous selections.


Want to learn how Smarter Forms can work for you? Watch our Webinar on creating web forms in Smartsheet over on our Youtube channel, or for more information contact us to arrange a free consultation today.