Smarter Home Manager

A handy Audit Tool for your Smartsheet environment! 

“I need to see an overview of all my Smartsheet assets to identify unused  sheets and find out how many columns, rows and cells each sheet has –  can you help?”

Do you recognise this question?

Yes, we do too – which is why our SBP developers have created Smarter Home Manager as part of our SmarterControls4sheets Smarter Home Manager provides us with a solution for analysing our Smartsheet assets!

Why do we need this feature?  

Sometimes we really need to understand how our Smartsheet environment has  changed over time. We might want to identify older assets that are no longer in use.  We may be concerned about Smartsheet’s sizing limits so we need to know how many  sheets we have, or how many columns and rows some of our larger sheets contain. We  may even want to view the latest situation in a Dashboard for easy reference. 

How does Smarter Home Manager help? 

This feature runs automatically every day and updates a Smartsheet sheet with the most recent information. You’ll see a full list of all your assets along with a handy link to each one, its creation and most recently modified dates, your level of access (such as Owner or Admin) and a selection of Count information, such as Row, Column, Cell and Cell Links.

Having this up to date information always to hand means you are kept more informed about your Smartsheet envirionment.

Example showing a Smarter Home Manager output sheet

You might also be interested in our Smarter Permissions Explorer app too, to get a full  understanding of who has access to your sheets. 

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Smarter Home Manager – Automated information at your fingertips.