Smarter Project Launch Pad

Launch your Smartsheet assets automatically from an approved request.

We listen, we develop, we release.  Our clients frequently ask us if we can help them to initiate new projects or work requests AUTOMAGICALLY using a range of their template sets.

Smarter Launch Pad app is designed to assist that process avoiding the need for manual set up, which risks data inconsistency and just takes too long. Details of the request data populates the new assets and updates your existing dashboards, making the whole process more efficient, and avoiding duplication. 

How Does It Work?

Simply start with a grid (tracker) sheet, receive & approve the work request and the Smarter Launch Pad will create a set of new Smartsheet assets, based on your pre-defined templates, with links from the request being shown in the newly created assets and metrics flowing back to the tracker sheet to provide data for dashboard updates.

What can I use this for? 

Any process that needs to consistently track an individual project or activity through a checklist of tasks. For example:

  • A Project Request that creates a Project Plan, Dashboard and rolls up to a Portfolio Dashboard
  • A Work Order Request that needs a Work Order Task List to track the order through to delivery
  • A Job sheet whereby once a job has been approved, a checklist for that job is automatically created and reported on in dashboards at job and portfolio level.

Is this the same as Smartsheet’s Control Center?

 No.  Our Smarter Launch Pad is an app that will create new sheets based off a template automatically from a grid sheet.  This is where the comparison ends.  Smartsheet’s Control Center provides more control over the assets that are created, it has Global Updates, Archiving capabilities and more.

Then where does this app sit?

Smarter Launch Pad is great for clients that are looking to prove that Smartsheet’s Control Center is the way to go but don’t have the evidence or buy-in yet from Management to approve the spend.  

We recommend using Smarter Launch Pad as a steppingstone to prove the concept & methodology works, at a lower level of cost and then move onto Control Center when the business is ready.   The move from Smarter Launch Pad to Smartsheet’s Control Center will be smooth and painless as the design of the “blueprints” and methodology will have already been considered, tested, and can be evolved when ready.

When you are ready to move up to Control Center we will show you how.

In Summary – do you have…?

  • Different individuals creating your Smartsheet assets/workspaces?
  • Inconsistent naming of your Smartsheet assets?
  • Dashboards all reporting the same data but inconsistently?
  • A bottleneck in your workflow where you are waiting for the right person to set up the Smartsheet assets manually?
  • Do you need automation for data consistency and efficiency at scale?

…then Smarter Launch Pad is your answer. Available by annual subscription. 

Contact us now to discuss how we can meet your needs with this exciting new product.