Smarter Column Manager

Audit and Manage Column Structure and maintenance en masse.

Smarter Column Manager provides an editable view of any of your datatypes from ALL your sheets to enable you to manage data globally.

This incredible feature has been developed for managing Dropdown List datatypes across your organisation. But in seeing the valuable impact this feature has had on managing datatypes, SBP have decided to expand the feature and include ALL datatypes. 

What does Smarter Column Manager give you?

  • A view across all your sheets (accessible via your Smartsheet API Access Token)

  • The ability to search on Workspace, Folder, Sheet, Datatype OR Value. 

  • An edit link with an update feature allowing you to change the name or datatype of a column or create / delete it. 

Why would I need this?

  • Column Naming
  • Column Admin
  • Column Create
  • Column Delete

Think of the benefits of using Smarter Column Manager!

  • Save time by finding and replacing column names across all sheets in 1 go.
  • Add multiple columns to multiple sheets.
  • Change dropdown list options across multiple sheets at once.
  • Change the type or delete a specified column across multiple sheets simultaneously.

Smarter Column Manager – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient.


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