Smarter Vehicle Defect form saves Logistics Company time

A move to Smartsheet and away from repetitive paper based forms for a Logistics and Haulage firm has had a massive impact on improving efficiencies and time saving

The Challenge

Could we improve this company’s existing time consuming paper based process for handling their Driver Vehicle Check and Defect Reports?  Most logistics/truck drivers have to complete a Vehicle Defect Form for every journey before they set off, stating that their vehicle is safe and in good working order. If it isn’t, they simply can’t set off. Typically these paper based forms are completed and kept filed away in case needed for  inspection.

The Solution

Most drivers have access to a Smart phone, Android or Apple, or tablet. So we created an easy to use web form that is easily accessed and completed on the driver’s remote device. Details of their “Defect free vehicle” then get fired straight back to HQ at the start of each journey.

That form populates an online spreadsheet that is kept as their record in an easy to access format that is backed up and filed away for whenever it may be needed. It even sends a copy of the completed form to an email address as further evidence of form despatch. Should the vehicle actually be defective, a description and even a photo of the problem can be sent back to HQ via the form. That defect report can then trigger a variety of responses at HQ for a rapid resolution.


Time saved in mandraulic form filling and administration and improved record keeping.Feedback from drivers has been enthusiastic. They want to know what other repetitive processes can be eliminated using Smartsheet, so we have a number of solutions being used, e.g. the Breakdown and Recovery APP

Having Smartsheet to use in the company has endless other uses from planning to marketing, sales budgets HR. The list is even longer than the reasons why people use Spreadsheets, because Smartsheets do more.

But this must be expensive?

Not at all, Licences start from £9.95 per month and a medium sized business only needs to spend £34.95 for a management team of 3 with as many collaborators as they wish.

We are looking at a whole variety of “essential” forms that can be replaced by a simple to use App on the mobile device. Happy to look at any ideas prospective clients wish to challenge us with? We can also provide examples for trial use.  Click here for a Free 1 month trial for 3 users.