SmarterControls4sheets is a powerful solution for better controlling your Smartsheets,  Projects and Processes – applying corporate consistency to ensure high quality statistics on which you can make insightful decisions.  The functionality and effectiveness of SmarterControls4sheets is created by ‘flexible family’ of easy to use widgets which can control Smartsheet – and help make Smartsheet even even Smarter!

Choose from either Business or Enterprise plans or just purchase stand alone solutions like the popular Smarter Dropdown List ManagerSmarter Backups,   Smarter Workflow Manager,  and  Smarter Excel Integration

Smarter Controls... 
Smarter Controls 4 Sheets AppsA range of apps designed to help clients work more efficiently
Smarter Dropdown List ManagerOur best-selling apps for managing the contents of drop down lists across your Smartsheets. Two versions available.
Centralised dropdown column value controlling which values are sent to specific sheets
Centrally control dropdown lists and their destination sheets in specified folders & workspaces for easy admin.
Automatically create copies of Smartsheet sheets, Folders or entire Workspaces with a range of scheduling and retention options
Backup Manager Auto Config
Search and Replace text in Workspaces, Folder and Sheet names, Column names, Dropdown Lists and Cells.
Search and Replace text in Workspaces, Folder and Sheet names, Column names, Dropdown Lists and Cells.
Control the movements of records between Sheets, then keep data Synchronised
Audit your Smartsheet assets. Lists your Sheets, Reports and Dashboards onto a Sheet.
Audit your current Smartsheet sharing permissions
Capture the Date, Time and user details when a specified cell changes
Use our Excel to Smartsheet uploader tool to update existing Sheets and Dashboards
Smarter Text Transform/ QR codes
Automatically convert a cell text into a Picture or QR Code /Bar Code
Smarter Finance ToolsAutomatically Tracks Stock Market, Exchange Rates, Inflation and Country GDP
Smarter Cell DifferenceImprove data consistency by listing differences between columns of cells
Enable formula-restricted column datatypes (such as Start/End Dates, Durations and Predecessors) to be populated from formula results
Smarter Export ManagerAutomatically export Smartsheet data to Excel, PDF, XML or CSV format
Smarter Sheet Refresher
Refreshes Sheets that feed Dashboards & Reports to ensure latest stats visible
Smarter Word Doc Creator
Export Multi Row Multi sheet Smartsheet data into a formatted Word document
Smarter PDF Creator using Google DocsExport Multi Row Smartsheet data into a formatted Google Doc / PDF
Smarter Data Manager
A selection of powerful time-saving, column management apps
Automatically rename Columns across a selection of sheets, folders or even entire workspaces
Column Admin
Automatically manage Column properties across a selection of sheets, folders or even entire workspaces
Automatically add new Columns to sheets across a selection of sheets, folders or even entire workspaces
Column DeleteAutomatically remove unwanted Columns from sheets across a selection of sheets, folders or even entire workspaces
Premium AppsA selection of specialist systems to provide advanced users significant time savings and improved collaborative visibility
Automate the 'new project' process with this time-saving system. Create new project versions of sheets, reports and dashboards from a selection of templates linked to your existing Portfolio reporting. Auto naming maintains standardisation and auto cell linking speeds up your reporting process.
Initial Setup
Initial setup includes up to one day of consultation to get you up and running any additional time required available at extra cost. While there is no system reason why you cannot have eg 25 Template types, depending on the complexity of your Templates we can typically help you set up Five in this time.
Automate your dashboard data so you can Slice and Dice it to get the analysis you need in real time using our API driven connectors, taking Smartsheet dashboards a step change higher in functionality for real time decision making.
Initial SetupDashboards requirements vary hugely in complexity and volume across our clients however as a guide we can set you up within one day for one dashboard similar in detail to that demonstrated. Feel free to seek a quotation for Multiple Dashboards or Multiple departmental versions. Any additional time required available at extra cost.
SBP Packages
Business Pack 1A selection of SIX from our range of Smarter Apps (Blue rows above)
Business Pack 2The Smarter Data Manager plus a selection of THREE from our range of Smarter Apps (Blue rows above)
Enterprise PackA massive collection of ALL OF OUR Smarter Apps and EITHER Project Launch Pad OR Smarter Dashboards (BOTH include setup fee for new users)
Platinum PackIncludes Project Launch Pad, Smarter dashboards and your choice of all the Smarter apps
Custom App Development and ConsultationOur expert Smartsheet developers can create your perfect solution for a very reasonable hourly rate
A few examples might include:
Standalone Smarter Apps which require Custom set upWe can manage all the configuration work for you to speed up deployment and preserve your own time
Improve your accounting workflow by integrating your accounting system with Smartsheet. Price based on how much time it takes to map your requirements to Smartsheet? Quotations given following a scoping meeting with our accounting expert Dr James Harris.
Smarter SQL or ERP connections to SmartsheetIntegrate Smartsheet with your corporate data precisely, reliably and in real time
Smarter Bookings
Smarter Bookings system, allows user self serve to choose available slots & Book them with written confirmation. Avoids the need for Request/ Approval/ Confirmation dialogue.
Smarter Custom API WorkflowsIf you have a particular process issue, we can fix it with a custom API automation built just for you
Self Hosting (Enterprise & Platinum Pack)Enterprise Pack apps can be hosted privately on your own Server infrastructure. Price is a one-off fee equivalent to twice the annual fee, plus any required setup work. Updates and enhancements are no longer automatic, therefore charged at our standard hourly rate.
Want to see see how these work?  Take a look at our Tutorial Overviews

Smartsheet Control Center is ideal for those needing a more powerful capability for managing processes and projects at scale. And for those needing to rapidly provision new projects together with consistent sets of templates.
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