Smarter Controls 4sheets

The Functionality and effectiveness of SmarterControls4sheets is created by ‘flexible family’ of easy to use widgets which can control Smartsheet – and help make Smartsheet even even Smarter!

Smarter Controls 4 Smartsheet Apps

Multiple Purchase Offer – If purchasing more than 1 app, then the most expensive is 100% list price, then all other apps are 50% list price on the subscription costs.

Instant Apps

‘Plug & Play’ Apps to enhance Smartsheet out of the box!

Smarter Dropdown List ManagerCentrally control dropdown lists and their destination sheets in specified folders & workspaces for easy admin.
Smarter Backup ManagerAutomatically create copies of Smartsheet sheets, Folders or entire Workspaces with a range of scheduling and retention options (Auto Config enhancement to overcome the 100 sheet backup limit available to those that need it) Also schedule backups to your cloud.
Smarter Text Transform/ QR codesAutomatically convert a cell text into a Picture or QR Code /Bar Code, either attached to the row or inserted in a cell in the row.
Smarter Formula LoaderEnable formula-restricted column datatypes (such as Start/End Dates, Durations and Predecessors) to be populated from formula results.
Smarter Finance ToolsAutomatically Tracks Stock Market, Exchange Rates, Inflation and Country GDP.
Smarter Cloud Storage Sync with SmartsheetSync Smartsheet with Cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft One Drive please note some additional cost may be incurred in setup depending on your exact requirements.
Smarter Reports to a SheetUsing data generated in a Report and copying it over to a sheet so it can be used for Dashboards and automation or formulae.

Smarter Tools for System Admins

Turbo Charge the Administration of All Your Smartsheet Solution Library, by applying corporate consistency. 

Smarter Global Search and ReplaceSearch and Replace text in Workspaces, Folder and Sheet names, Column names, Dropdown Lists and Cells.
Smarter Home ManagerAudit your Smartsheet assets, List your Sheets, Reports and Dashboards onto a single Sheet for easy navigation.
Smarter Permission ExplorerAudit your current Smartsheet sharing permissions
Smarter Cell DifferenceImprove data consistency by listing differences between columns of cells
Smarter Column ManagerA selection of powerful time-saving, column management apps Automatically rename, manage, add new or remove columns across a selection of sheets, folders or even entire workspaces

Advanced Apps

Great for generating detailed mail merged Quotations. Requires Custom PDF design work, and setup by quotation

Smarter Word Doc creatorExport Multi Row Multi sheet Smartsheet data into a formatted Word document.
Smarter PDF Creator using Google DocsExport Multi Row Multi Sheet Smartsheet data into a formatted Google Doc / PDF
Smarter FormsA platform where you can edit existing data using bespoke forms

Premium Apps

A family of specialist solutions to provide advanced users with significant time savings, improved collaborative visibility and automation.  Includes initial 5 hours setup. Quotation provided for more complex setups.

Smarter Project Launch PadAutomate the ‘new project’ process with this time-saving system. Create new project versions of sheets, reports and dashboards from a selection of templates linked to your existing Portfolio reporting. Auto naming maintains standardisation and auto cell linking speeds up your reporting process.
Smarter DashboardsDynamically filter data across charts and tables then edit content from within a dashboard.
Smarter AccountsImprove your accounting workflow by integrating your accounting system with Smartsheet. Price based on how much time it takes to map your requirements to Smartsheet? Quotations given following a scoping meeting with our accounting expert Dr James Harris.

Want to see see how these work?  Take a look at our Tutorial Overviews