Smarter Accounts

Connect Xero to Smartsheet

With Smartsheet’s excellent project management capabilities, it seems like a no-brainer to integrate data from an accounting package so that the figures are always up to date. But historically, this has been a tricky, convoluted and often entirely manual process. Our clients told us they wanted to automatically upload finance data to Smartsheet, and SBP developed a solution!

Are you still:

  • Entering accounting data into Smartsheet manually?
  • Exporting a CSV from your accounts then importing it into Smartsheet?
  • Waiting for accounts to send you that report you asked for last Wednesday?
  • Printing finance reports and sharing them round the room?

What can Smarter Accounts do for you?

Manage the automatic synchronisation of the latest finance data from your cloud-based accounting system straight into Smartsheet. With ​Smarter Accounts​, you can pull in:

  • Profit and Loss reports
  • Balance Sheet reports
  • Trial Balance reports
  • Aged Payables and Receivables reports
  • Invoices and bills
  • Account Transactions

Filter by date, by contact, bank account, job tracking code, and more.
You choose the number of different reports you want.
You choose the frequency of each individual sync from monthly up to every five minutes.

You can also integrate software two ways, for example, from Xero to Smartsheet and back again from Smartsheet to Xero.

Even more importantly, you can grant visibility of key financial information to different team members according to their focus, without sharing “too much information” or granting direct access to the accounts package itself… all in near real time.

Once you have your up-to-date finance data in Smartsheet, you can incorporate it into all your project sheets, your tracking sheets, your reports and your dashboards, keeping your finger on the pulse of your business at all times. You’ll never need to hassle the accounts team for a report again!

Smarter Accounts currently integrates Smartsheet with popular accounting software Xero. Integration with other cloud-based accounting software such as Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks or Sage Business Cloud Accounting can be arranged upon request.

All the above is available for small fee for setup and training, followed by a monthly or annual subscription. Pricing available on request.


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