Smarter Backups

Backups that stay accessible in Smartsheet!

Whilst Smartsheet’s own backup facility allows you to request a backup from Smartsheet  and receive your data  (sheet result values only)  in an Excel dump format,   not all functionality within the data is kept

Smarter Business Processes  have developed a “HOT” Backup Solution which is Smarter!  Our Smarter Backups feature is sold within SmarterControls4sheets or as a stand alone feature 

How does Smarter Backups work?

Part of our Front end Platform, which sees SmarterControls4sheets at the core, Smarter Backups provides an end user wizard which will walk you through configuring a scheduled backup.  Your choices include which of your folders to backup; the frequency of snapshots (daily, weekly or monthly) and the number of generations required.  All backups will have a date/time stamp in the name for ease of selecting the correct data to restore.

Smarter Backups retains the data in Smartsheet which keeps all formulae in place, all hyperlinks working, all cross sheet references live, rollup data to reports and dashboards current and the images are added to the main navigation pane in Smartsheet for easy access.

Smarter Backups runs on a scheduled basis, so no extra intervention is required. Keeping it simple and reliable. SBP Consultants recommend using Smarter Backups before making major changes in your sheets.  Now includes the option to not only create backup copies in a recurring cycle in Smartsheet but also the option to export that data to CSV Excel or XML on the same automated basis.

Smarter Backups – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient



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