SmarterControls4sheets – Smarter Column Creation

It’s here! A way to create columns across ALL your sheets within a wizard!

Our Smarter Column Creation feature within SmarterControls4sheets is now available from SBP!

A truly automagical feature allowing naming conventions to be instilled across your organisation.

Have you ever?

Finished creating your Smartsheet template and started using it only to be told that you missed a column or two which would have been useful?

Problem is, to include those “useful” columns you’ll have to add them to all the sheets that have already been created from the original template!

How does Smarter Column Creation help with this issue??

Part of our Front end Platform, which sees SmarterControls4sheets at the core, this feature provides an end user wizard which will add new columns to existing sheets in one hit! Your Smartsheet Access Token is used to run this feature.

How could this help me?

Simple answers to this question:

  • Time, in the time to create 1 new column, this feature allows you
    create many of the same column over a wide number of sheets. If this feature isn’t in use then you would need to multiply the time it took to create the column in one sheet by the number of sheets you need it to be added to. So for the time to create one, it creates them all.
  • Consistency, as you are only creating the column once and having it replicate across all identified sheets, then you know that all those columns will be exactly the same. This is not a guarantee when you are adding each column manually.

Smarter Column Creation – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient.


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