Smarter Column Naming

Now available! – from SmarterControls4sheets

A way to rename columns across ALL your sheets within a wizard!


A truly automagical feature allowing naming conventions to be instilled across your organisation.


Do you have…?

  • Multiple users creating your sheets?
  • A naming convention that isn’t being observed?
  • The requirement for Multi-Sheet reporting?
  • Inconsistent terminology being used?
  • A headache when trying to find cross references?

How does Smarter Column Naming help with these issues?


Part of our Front end Platform, which sees SmarterControls4sheets at the core, this feature provides an end user wizard which will perform a global Find and Replace on Column Names based on your Smartsheet Access Token.


This feature is designed to:

  • Ensure naming conventions are consistent across all sheets within your organisation
  • Make multi-sheet reports easier to create and analyse, as all column names will be consistent across all sheets
  • Sheets will be easier to analyse due to the consistency of terminology
  • Using this feature will save time but more importantly helps maintain corporate structure and uniformity which is a MUST for effective reporting and clear accurate dashboards.

Example scenario

You use Project sheets across your organisation and you have 3 Project Managers controlling the sheets; each one has their own name for the dates allocated to the tasks. One calls them Start and End; one calls them Start Date and Finish Date and the other calls them From and To. Multi-sheet reporting is hard to analyse due to the data being spread across 6 columns instead of 2. Management would like to see all task dates being called Start Date and End Date.

Smarter Column Naming can search through ALL project sheets and rename all columns called Start or From with Start Date and rename all columns called End, Finish Date or To with End Date. Consistency in Column Naming achieved, multi-sheet reports better!

Smarter Column Naming – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient.


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