Smarter Dropdown List Manager – Classic

Centrally Control Your Column Content!

Update data values held in a master dropdown list that
automagically updates matching dropdown lists in other nominated Smartsheets.

What are the pain points?

Manually updating the same dropdown list over multiple sheets, on a regular basis can be time consuming and open to human error, therefore not a reliable method of managing data.

How does Smarter Dropdown List Manager help?

All your dropdown lists’ values can be managed using a configuration sheet. Through this sheet, you can control which destination sheets receive which combination of values without having to change the column properties on each sheet. Therefore, one sheet automagically updates all sheets that it refers to!

Example Scenario

You are in a sales environment and have a dropdown list column which allows you to select all the products that you can sell. This column appears in multiple sheets including a Leads Sheet; an Orders Sheet; a Customers Services sheet etc. The product list is constantly changing and therefore the values available in the dropdown list needs to be controlled, as you’d want all products to be available in the customer services sheet, but only active products to be available in Leads and Orders sheets. Using Smarter Dropdown List Manager you will be able manage which of your sheets get which values in the Products dropdown list.

Smarter Dropdown List Manager – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient.

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