Smarter Dropdown List Manager: Multi

A master dropdown list being sent to multiple columns in multiple sheets

From observations collected by rolling out Smarter Dropdown List Manager as part of our Smarter Apps Platform to early adopters, SBP have enhanced this feature creating a “different flavour” to speed up the configuration setting when multiple destination columns in multiple sheets all require the same values, here now introducing Smarter Dropdown List Manager: Multi.

What are the pain points?

Without Smarter Dropdown List Manager at all, updating values in dropdown lists is time consuming and open to human error. With Smarter Dropdown List Manager – Classic, the background setup required can be multiple configuration sheets and columns. This in itself is not an issue if your requirement is for each destination column to have slightly different values, but if you require all destination columns to have the same values, then the Classic flavour of Smarter Dropdown List Manager might too be time consuming.

Why is Smarter Dropdown List Manager: Multi better?

Within this feature, the configuration sheet is set up so that each different destination sheet is merely an extra cell in a column AND it doesn’t matter what your destination columns are called, as long as they are dropdown lists they will be sent the values. Much quicker, less complicated and therefore beneficial to administrators working through their To Do lists! 

Example Scenario

You are in a sales environment and have a dropdown list column which allows you to select all the products that you can sell. This column appears in multiple sheets with different names and is constantly in need of updating. Using Smarter Dropdown List Manager: Multi you will be able Add a New Product and on save, all Product Columns across your whole organisation will have that new product value in their Product columns. Conversely if you retire a Product and remove it from the Master list, all other Product columns across your whole organisation will also lose that entry from their values.

Smarter Dropdown List Manager – Multi – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient.

Dropdown List Manager Options

Smarter Dropdown List Manager – Classic


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