Smarter Excel Integration

Improving the sharing capability between MS Excel and Smartsheet

At Smarter Business Processes we understand that there are some features that Microsoft Excel can perform really well that maybe Smartsheet is not as powerful at; we know that sometimes it is necessary to leave data in Excel to provide access to those features, but then there is the need for Smartsheet to connect to the data as well, to perform the functions that it can do so well.

So, what do you do?  How can you have data in both places?

By using our Smarter Excel Integration feature which is part of our Smarter Apps Platform, we can provide you with a “Send to Smartsheet” button that exceeds the functionality of the “Import from Excel” feature already in Smartsheet.

What are the limitations in the Excel integration already in Smartsheet?
  1. The Import from Excel feature needs data values to import (if a cell contains a reference to a value it doesn’t import successfully)
  2. The Import from Excel feature is limited to 50 columns at a time
  3. All imported data is deposited in a NEW SHEET EVERYTIME
  4. Each time we import the data we need to spend time either moving the data into linked sheets or refreshing all cell linking which points to the imported data – which opens us up to user error and time wasting
How does Smarter Excel Integration help?
  1. The Send to Smartsheet feature will push data values OR cell references to values!
  2. The only limitations on the integration is the sheet size limits in Smartsheet – you can “send” 200 columns or 5000 rows (or 200,000 cells) if you have enough data
  3. You can specify the destination and the newly pushed data will replace the current data in the sheet
  4. This replacement of data means that all the cell linking can stay in situ and users are no longer required to move data between sheets thus saving time and removing the user error risk

From the screen shots below you can see a Main Data Table in Excel (Dark Green screen) and the same table of data being pushed to Smartsheet (Light Green screen).  If any data value changes in the Excel sheet, you simply press the  Send to Smartsheet button and the data in Smartsheet is automagically updated!

Smarter Excel Integration – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient


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