Smarter Formula Loader

Enabling formula restricted datatypes to be controlled by formulas!

Do you know that there are a number of columns that have restricted formula use?

Yes, we do too, which is why our SBP developers have created this feature as part of our Smarter Apps Platform. Smarter Formula Loader provides us with a solution for populating formulae results into a formula restricted column!

Which columns are restricted from Formula Use? (Causing us a headache!)

  1. Contact List columns; System columns; Default columns
  2. Columns being used for Dependencies such as Start Date, End Date, Duration, Predecessors
  3. Columns being used for Resource Management – % Complete or % Allocation

How does Smarter Formula Loader help?

By using keywords in column names, the feature will copy results into adjacent “restricted” columns, thus allowing sheet creators to effectively set a value in a restricted column using a formula! Simple and effective!

Example Scenario

You want to set your Duration value within a Project sheet by using the following formula: =([End Date]1 – [Start Date]1)*[% Allocation]1 so Smarter Formula Loader is required due to Duration being a restricted column where formulas are not allowed.

From this screen shot, you can see an extra column has been added to the Project Sheet called [Duration- ToCopy]. This column contains the required formula showing in row 4, and you can see that the result from the formula (in rows 1-3) have been copied to the original [Duration] column; thus enabling the restricted column Duration to be updated from a formula. – Yes this is great isn’t it!?

Smarter Formula Loader – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient.


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